Pros and cons of a lockout


Obviously we want a swift resolution to the NHL lockout. So swift that regular season play isn’t affected. But that’s not how the real world works, ok? So instead we’re grasping here and we’re going to find some pros this this miserable situation.


– HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA: Saturday night, once thought to be the most exciting night of hockey is now something we seldom look forward to. We won’t miss hearing guys who clearly loathe certain NHL organizations and players call games. It’s so obvious they’re bitter but does anyone know why? It’s like shitting on a rainbow; just call the damn game and reserve your snark for the commercial breaks a la Ray Ferraro. The Three Stooges: Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy we are looking at you.

– Teams we love won’t miss the post-season, again.

– More time to check out junior teams and talent. Go support your local teams, especially if you live near an NHL affiliate.

– We’ll save an infinite amount of cash by not going to sports bars to watch games.

– No more disappointed friends when you tell them that you have to show up to their birthday late because, well, you were watching the game and it went to a shootout and oh well what can you do?

– Hey, I (Antonella) might get a date for once. Hockey season Antonella scares men away, youknowwhatimean? Shit gets tense.

– This is a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby, you guys. Maybe I’ll finish one of my screenplays? Learn to knit? Workout for once? The possibilities are endless, my friends.

– I can take this time to learn more about foreign hockey. I’ve kinda been fascinanted by the KHL since it’s inception but having the NHL so readily available, I haven’t really done my research or made an effort to get into it. Now though I’m going all in, and just in time as the league plays two games on North American soil this January!

– The Oilers might actually meet the Leafs in the Stanley Cup final this year. This season will be played exclusively on Playstation.

– Save $30 a month by not getting the centre ice package. Seriously though this is the best thing ever. Every game, every night. Ok fine, this is looking more like a con…

– John will probably end up playing more hockey as he won’t just be sitting around watching it. Maybe next year, he can finally break into the league! Meanwhile Antonella is absolutely positively certain this is the winter she learns to stop left.



– No NHL hockey, duh

– Having to watch your favourite players on a crappy internet feed playing in Europe sucks.

– What are we going to do on Mondays? And Tuesdays? What about Wednesdays? And so on.

– Instead of starting a new hobby the more likely scenario is we all sit on our couches, sulking, with pizza and beer waiting for a game to come on but instead it never does so we just cry and sulk.

– There were tons of awesome changes in the off season and some young guns that were destined to entertain this year. I’d hate to see a lost season affect the dynamic of these young stars as well as new lineups.

– I have to watch minor hockey. Let’s get real. It’s not the NHL. It’s awesome and we support the juniors but don’t pretend it’s on par.

– There won’t be much content for this blog. We have been talking about doing this forever and now that we finally have it going what the hell are we gonna talk about if nothing is happening?


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