Your daily LOL

leafs fan articleAs the title states, a lockout could cause Leafs fans psychological distress. Funny, I thought being a Leafs fan causes immense distress despite a lockout.

As a fan of the team, I can’t tell you the weird string of emotions I endured last season, and now I feel rather at ease.  The whole lockout’s a disappointment, yeah, but I feel less worried over the things I have no control over.  Checking in on Kulemin and Grabovski in the KHL is nice, and luckily, they’re both doing relatively well, Kulemin more so than his old linemate.  And if they don’t produce, my mind isn’t going to wander as to the reasons WHY and WHAT IT MEANS and OMG IS THE CHEMISTRY DEAD and great NO PLAYOFFS AGAIN.  Nah, man, I’m all chill and it’s a relief.  I even feel calm about the AHL.  It’s just completely enjoyable for me to watch these guys grow and fight for their future, and you don’t have to be a Leafs fan to understand this.

On a side note: the headline is misleading, the story is unfounded and certainly not second page-worthy. Sports journalism!


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