Call it what it is; fans protest lockout


Disgruntled hockey fans convened at the corner of York and Bremner yesterday in downtown Toronto in an attempt to voice their opinion on the NHL lockout that’s currently underway. The good guys behind We Want a Cup organized this Hockey Not in Canada rally, but let’s be serious here, this was not a rally, this was a protest. Why? Because when you come together to make a demand, in this case to bring back NHL hockey, you are protesting. Im not sure what they were trying to accomplish by labeling it a rally in the first place. Did they think it would sound more fun to be a part of? Honestly, I’m dumbfounded, but I’m not going to knock their good intentions, which was to show people they’re aching inside without their beloved Leafs. I get it, it sucks, but when you chant “we want hockey!” while your favorite teams affiliate, The Toronto Marlies, are down the street, (and kicking ass) you make yourself looking really stupid. You want hockey? Why don’t you take a stroll, oh, say 100 feet, and support local sports bars (which you claim are going to take a hit from the lockout) like Real Sports or Hoops and actually take in SOME DAMN HOCKEY?

I’m of the opinion that if you want something in life then you have to make it happen. But sometimes logic needs to kick in. Sometimes you have to admit defeat and make the best of an otherwise shitty situation. And that would be to support other levels of the sport you love if you don’t already. You want a voice? Use it when the NHL comes back and don’t pay an exorbitant amount on tickets and food at the arena. Maybe they’ll notice, but probably not.

I’m absolutely, positively certain that if they had held their protest on the night the regular season was set to open, when, you know, the Marlies weren’t playing, their idea would have been much more warmly received. But they didn’t and I don’t know why. What I do know is if they just want their Leafs, not their hockey, they’re unfortunately perpetuating the belief that all fans of the team are the same and lack interest in the sport overall. And that’s where you start to piss me off. I love the Leafs, no question, but I love the game first and foremost. I just wish demonstrations like this didn’t speak for me and tell everyone else otherwise.

I sincerely appreciate they care, and recognize that their heart was in a good place, but they should know that living well is the best revenge. Protesting on the corner is the equivalent to crying in your bedroom. Move on, watch other hockey and let yourself be happy with what you’ve got.


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