Lockout 2012

NHL lockout with Scott Hartnell

Through this lockout we almost feel for the millionaire players with kids to feed, and a wife who hits the spa 3 times a week simply because they got bills, bills, bills. But what about the single guys, what are they up to? Judging by Paul Bissonnette’s Twitter and Instagram account, they’re doing just fine. It seems like they’re just broing down like they do in the off season.  Cool, fun, we’re not jealous, no not at all.  Who likes banging hot chicks and partying all VIP-style anyway?  FYI Biz, we already know you’re slaying, you don’t need to actually show us your head between a woman’s legs, if anything, for the sake of your future ex-wife.

Meanwhile, Scott Hartnell is keeping his sexcapades under wraps, but he’s still out there doing whatever, not giving a fuck and even helping keep the NHLPA PR machine running.


Like pretty much every single player out there, even the shitty ones, Hartnell put in his time to create good PR for the NHLPA by visiting a junior hockey team who all wondered who this Bozo is that can’t even skate.


The Flyer also took in some Americana by checking out a NASCAR race.  Here he is with Martin Truex Jr., who obviously has no idea who the hell he is.

Still just dicking around, which really is what he does both on and off the ice.
It doesn’t even matter.

Well, what do we have here? Hartnell in Italy? Taking in some culture? Impressed, jealous and irritated. Imagine getting canned or laid off and then taking a trip to Europe? Yeah, me neither.

Scott, you win this round. But I guess you always do.


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