Bits and bytes: Oct 23, 2012

What was with yesterday, today? Maybe it’s because of Twitter but it seems  EVERYTHING is just such a big deal in the hockey world. Don Cherry having an opinion on another (gasp!) sport caused everyone to get all up-in-arms. Who gives a shit if he wants to comment on baseball?  The old man needs something to slam his fists over so isn’t baseball a good enough excuse as any at this point?  Does it represent a sad state of affairs in North American hockey because he’s talkin’ baseball?  No really.  There’s plenty of hockey to talk about and he’s a big supporter of junior leagues.  He just wants to vent and his opinion isn’t any less valid.  Is he right? Well that’s another issue because we know the guy’s a bit of a whack job when it comes to certain topics but WHO CARES.  I think what the real surprise is the fact that DON CHERRY ACTUALLY LIKES BASEBALL.  Who know?  This guy is jokes and I welcome his weird opinions on any sport.  Other things? PASS!

Then there was the hoopla over Nicklas Backstrom’s choice to wear 99 in the KHL for his current team HC Dynamo Moscow. What’s with Wayne Gretzky’s hero status in North America? Yeah, he was the greatest player in the NHL at the time, and he holds more than 60 records, but why is it some kind of a fuck you to the league or fans or even the Great One himself if he chooses to wear #99? It’s a number, people. And Gretzky doesn’t mean everything to everyone. In fact he might mean absolutely nothing to kids who grew up in Sweden, because believe it or not, they have their own stars over there. And keep in mind, there are other players in the KHL also donning the same number Gretzky once did. Can we just chill out? Stop calling Euro players “turncoats” because they actually like playing closer to home better than being dicked around by the NHL in North America. Plus is makes you all sound like racist tools.

And then Meta World Peace ate almonds out of the Stanley Cup.  Nothing to see here, people.

meta world peace

4 thoughts on “Bits and bytes: Oct 23, 2012

  1. I have always thought it was silly to retire #99 league-wide. Even Calgary, ripped apart by Gretzky throughout the Battle of Alberta, has to have his number in the rafters.

  2. yeah totally agree. No one’s going to forget what he did during his time in the league but the nation-wide retiring of his jersey is a bit much, imo. And now to care that an NHLer playing in the KHL should somehow respect those rules? That’s laughable.

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