Kovi & Ovi won’t be big pimpin’


Well this is interesting.  The KHL was slated to play two games at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center this January but they just announced the match up between Dynamo Moscow ad SKA St. Petersburg will be moved back to Russia.  Citing fan disappointment, the KHL believes their fans deserve to watch the premiere series.  This of course comes just days after it was announced that Barclays would be housing the New York Islanders when their contract with the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum expires.  Does anyone find this fishy? ANYONE?  It was announced months ago that the KHL would come to New York and suddenly their fans deserve better?  It’s two games, what’s the big deal?  Is the NHL worried that fans have easily embraced another league so quickly?  I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I have this dirty thought the NHL played a role in this.  But maybe that’s crazy talk.  Maybe I’m just full of anger about the lockout that it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

The KHL also mentions uncertainty about the NHL season as another reason for bringing the games back to Russia.  I fail to understand what the lockout has to do with it.  Lockout or no lockout, North Americans (John and myself included) were planning to see this game.  And how exactly does it affect the KHL?

With the Winter Classic on the verge of being cancelled, it was going to be my Russian consolation prize.  Hey but whatever, I’m just a hockey fan, I’m used to this sort of disappointment.


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