Bits and bytes: #theplayers never learn

Add Tyler Bozak to the list of people who fucked up their Halloween costume via ignorance.  The Leafs centre went as Michael Jackson’s character in Thriller for Halloween – not because he’s a racist but because he was apparently sleeping last year when Raffi Torres went as Jay-Z and everyone thought it was SO HILARIOUS.  Uh no. We actually thought it was dumb and offensive.

How shitty of an education do some pro hockey players get for them to have zero concept of the historical relevance of blackface?  In all fairness though, it is tough to tell if he’s actually in blackface or standard zombie makeup.  Either way,  it’s hard to believe he thought it would be warmly received.

Meanwhile in other cool moves, Dynamo Moscow player Nicklas Backstrom decided to swap out no. 99 for 69 .  Word on the street is that he never wanted to sport Gretzky’s number in the first place and the mistake will be corrected after the national team break.  I can’t find the words to comment on this further.  Nik Backstrom, your new favourite player, you guys!


2 thoughts on “Bits and bytes: #theplayers never learn

  1. If hockey could survive Wilf Paiement and Rick Dudley wearing #99, it could have survived Backstrom.

    I think Bozak’s mental lapse comes from living in a house that consists of nothing but stairs (who designed that, Escher?). Without the odd bit of ornamentation or the occasional stick of furniture to prod the mind, the synapses start to degrade.

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