Jeremy Roenick kind of sucks

In college I often referred to Jeremy Roenick as Roendick. Original, I know.  This was because a) it rhymed, b) I thought he was a total jerk and c) I was too drunk to think of anything better.  But time heals all wounds and over the years I’ve come to realize that just because a guy gets under your skin when he’s playing your favourite team doesn’t make him a piece of shit IRL.  Take for example Kevin Bieksa. Guy irrrrrritates me on the ice, but outside of hockey he seems like a good person with a huge heart.  And even if he wasn’t involved in raising money for various charities, I’m old enough to understand the difference between the player and the person.

Then there’s Jeremy Roenick. I always thought he was a piece if shit but I never realized that roenick the regular human being was so damn hard to digest until I started following him on witter, which ultimately lead to a subsequent unfollow. To put it simply, he sucks. He honestly does. I respect a persons right to share opinions but there’s something so unsettling about his delivery.  He comes across as though he’s giving us the PG version of the fucked up shit inside his head, masking his REAL thoughts which are probably deplorable.  Take for example this Tweet which was in reference to an obvious Snoop Dog joke:

See what I mean?  What exactly is he alluding to?  I don’t even want to entertain those thoughts.

Then when he gets trolled, he attacks.  But through his series of aggressive, threatening tweets, he says this:

As a public figure, HOW can you imply that a person is a loser because they’ve fallen on hard times and require food stamps?  The guy is a douchebag.  He says current NHLers have it easy and are a bunch of whiners.  You know who has it easy?  He does.  He doesn’t know what it’s like to get laid off when you’re not already a millionaire or have a terminal illness and be forced to pay for treatment rendering you unable to feed your family.  He has it easy.  He’s set for life.

Looking for more examples of Roenick the ignorant?

Athletes can talk politics all they want but I’m not fucking listening. I’m sorry, I don’t give a shit about their views beyond sports, and it doesn’t mean I don’t respect their right to air their views, but the next player who mentions politics or god gets an automatic unfollow.  Not having it anymore.


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