Your hair, your face, oh boy

Here are the 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees, all posey-posey in their flashy new jackets and rings.  Looking fresh, boys.

You’ll notice the portraits of other Hall of Famers in the bg.  Bobby, is that you I spy?  Because really it could be anyone. The thing that always gets me, when I’m strolling through the HHOF, are the plaques.  When you scan from a distance you often think “who the fuck is that?”  That, my friends is because whomever draws the portraits is seriously hit or miss, as evidenced by this depiction of Mats Johan Sundin.

Everyone questioned whether or not he should have been drawn with hair, but get past that for a quick second.  I’m more concerned with the fact that they gave the artist the wrong picture to reference.  I don’t know who that dude is but it’s not Mats.  Even while he was losing his hair his hairline didn’t look that busted.  Hell even Mario Lemieux’s portrait could be considered one of the better ones and from the nose up he looks like AC Slater.  Get it together, HHOF “artist”.

And for the record, when I think of Mats on the ice I think of this guy and his fly JOFA helmet.   Sure, he lost his hair throughout his career but is that the Mats we remember?  Not me, so I back that call.  While we’re talking flow, Joe Sakic’s hair just isn’t what it used to be, huh?  Well this was fun.  I’m going to discuss hair more often.  Uhhh, sorry Getzlaf

pics “borrowed” from Toronto Maple Leafs Instagram


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