Subway Super Series

Canada vs Russia

So last week I was fortunate enough to take in one of the Subway Super Series games in Guelph. The game was sold out but I figured we’d be able to score scalper tickets at the door. I got there late in the first and had no problem getting tickets. Actually got em from this guy, not even lying.


I’ve gotta say it was pretty entertaining hockey. I’ve been to a few junior and NHL games before but never have I had the chance to experience a “national” team game before. The atmosphere in the sold out arena was pretty awesome and louder than any ACC game I have been to. The loudest part was when Gangnam Style was blasted. Gotta love small towns. Also what’s the deal with the ACC?!?! Every game is sold out, yet the crowd is so quiet. Oh right, it’s the leafs. I’d keep quiet too if I was a leafs fan. In the end the Russians took us out 2-1. We fell apart in the 3rd after keeping it close all game.



The next game is tonight in Sarnia. If you’re able to make it, do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Canada vs Russia

  1. You just can’t pass up the opportunity to diss the Leafs, hey John? And come on, we all know the issue isn’t the team or the fans, it’s the season ticket holders, which are all owned by businesses. Every time I sit in the platinum’s I feel like a fucking degenerate.

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