A look at commercials feat. awful acting

As the title suggests, athletes can’t act well.  Not even for a 30 second commercial.  But it’s their inability to carry a line naturally that makes the commercials fun to watch.  Here’s a look at a bunch of commercials you’ve definitely already seen because it’s the lockout and I’m bored, so why not?

Unfortunately, the league didn’t need Forsberg to remind us the season started this year.

In 1997, Hostess Potato Chips rebranded and hired Mark Messier and Eric Lindros to introduce Lays to Canada.  I couldn’t find any of those but here’s one just featuring Mess who became a bit of a staple for a few years.

Speaking of Lindros, here’s a commercial he did for IBM, and admittedly, the acting ain’t bad.

Here Hall of Famer Adam Oates makes his move in a cheesy NHL commercial.

Ovi has been in a ton of weird commercials over the years. I give you the Russian Spy

Here’s another Ovi classic featuring a rather bashful Kessel

The Swedish twins crash a party and dance.  There are just some things you can’t unsee.

Then there are the Nike hockey-related commercials…

This Sundin NIKE commercial was, uh, informative.

Related to the above Sundin commercial – French Canadians can’t drive, still hate Mats.

THEN here you have another Nike Goalie commercial – you may recognize the guy from American Pie AND Rob McElhenney who plays Mac on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The classic example – Gretzky vs Sundin aka “Mr. Fancy Stick”.  Just the epitome of awkward.

Because Sid’s  better with sticks than he is with coffee or bread

But you know, they’re not all bad.

This Kovalchuk/Naslund commercial was tits

As far as commercials featuring athletes is concerned, Nike does it best.  Force Fate Nike commercial feat. Iginla, Eberle, Phaneuf etc

Solid VO’s by an otherwise awkward guy

My favourite one to date is the McDonald’s Sundin commercial where he thinks people chanting “we love Macs” are saying “we love Mats”.  I’ve never been able to find it online but it rests in my commercial memory bank.


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