Lockout 2012

HC Atlant photostalks Viktor Stalberg

A few days ago, Viktor Stalberg announced he was leaving Frolunda HC in the Swedish Elite League (Elitserien) to go make KHL bling. The Blackhawks winger abruptly left after only a month with his former team to play in Russia and it seems the KHL team is infinitely more excited about his arrival than Stalberg is…

But just kidding, they arrived! He’s a big, fat liar, no biggie.  How about that Blackhawks gear though.  You play in KHL, you bring your own sticks.

And just in case you wanted to confirm he has terrible taste in baseball, they got you covered…

The guy really needs to put a lid on his enthusiasm or Euro fans won’t take him back when the NHL no longer wants him.

And then Atlant gave him a shirt. “go, put on. we take photographs”. “more pictures?” “yes take away stupid hat also”.

Very well. Now off for a physical! I predicted things were going to get weird but I didn’t realize it would happen so quickly. Why are they tracking his every move? Even in North America we don’t want to see this shit.

Look, he’s working hard – sweat! And he’s cross-eyed! Meanwhile the player wonders if his hair’s ok. uhhh, no. At this point it seems it’s the least of his worries anyway.

Follow HC Atlant for more developments on the life of Viktor Stalberg. Pictures used without permission.


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