Lockout 2012

Bits and bytes: maps, jerseys and Euro smiles

Pictures like this lessen the blow of the NHL lockout.  It’s really hard to be upset about our players taking off to Europe when you see how much their presence means to people there, especially the kids.  Did you hear that Don?  THE KIDS!  Europe has children who love hockey and the NHL too.  Look at those faces, oh they’re having a time.

Meanwhile in the Swiss National League A (like Bruins forward Tyler Seguin) John Tavares looks plastered…in ads.  I’ll never not laugh when I see Euro jerseys.  It’s just impossible.

Can you actually imagine wearing an NHL jersey sponsored by Hostess (LOL) or Windows (LOLOL)?  Obviously there are very successful leagues around the world with jersey’s that bear a logo, but in North America, with the exception of MLS, we’ve been pretty lucky.  It would take years for me to accept this visual nightmare, and depending on the sponsors, it could take longer.  Admittedly, after this mess of a lockout, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the adoption of jersey sponsors.  NBA is doing it, so it’s only a matter of time.

While we’re still talkin’ jerseys, check out these East vs West KHL jerseys.  Industrial chic is alive and well in Russia.

But forget the jerseys, don’t you just want a pile of pucks for Christmas?  What is this ad?  KHL, I worry about you homie.

I don’t know what the hell this means, but good for cover boy Kovi.  TOO BAD HE’S NOT RUSSIA’S MOST ELIGIBLE DRESSER!  No, bachelor, I mean bachelor.  Sup Malkin?  (PS, suck it Harnell)

In case you haven’t seen this yet, Matthew Blackett at Spacing created this incredible subway map of Toronto Maple Leafs history.  Well done, sir.  Now print up some tees and prepare to become a millionaire.


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