Lockout 2012

What will it take for you to forgive the NHL?

I think it’s interesting to read Tweets when there’s an announcement or development regarding the state of the lockout.  Everyone is so angry, and others claim they just don’t even give a shit anymore.  I’ve been there, I’ve felt…things.  It’s ugly.  Fans feel used, abused, powerless and defeated.  When some vow never to return to the league they love, I wonder how that’s possible.  It’s not something you can really control; your heart’s either in or it’s out.  As I’ve mentioned before, after the last lockout, I was out.  It wasn’t a conscious decision though.

To be honest, I don’t know if I want a season at this point.  For me it’s tainted.  I was looking forward to the Winter Classic between  the Leafs and Red Wings.  I was also keen to see HBO’s 24/7 featuring the two teams as I was sure the world would discover the things about the Leafs I cherish.  Surely they’d highlight the bromance between Grabovski and Kulemin and just how sharp and hilarious Grabo can be.  I was curious to see how the players interacted with Dion Phaneuf, the Captain who many speculate causes a divide in the dressing room.  I dreamt about being, for just one day, one of those face painters you see at games.  I wanted to know what it was like to be amongst so many fucking people in the freezing cold with my mittens barely hanging onto my beer cup.  I wanted to be one of them, just for a day.  That’s all I wanted, the outcome unimportant.

Just call it off, really, I don’t mind.

Anyway, then I started thinking; if everything is scrapped, could I ever forgive the league?  I’ve decided it’s possible, but they’d have to do something for the fans, for me.  They would have to move one of their wildly unsuccessful teams to Quebec, where a team belongs.  Canadian fans were happy when the Jets deal came together, but now we need the Nordiques to return.  It’s unfortunate to have a team taken away, which is what would need to happen in order for Quebec to regain the team they once lost, but I’m not trying to be a smug bitch when I say I think the fans in Dallas could survive, move on even.  You know who doesn’t forget anything?  The Quebecois.  JE ME SOUVIENS, motherfuckers.

So yeah, NHL, I can come back, but you need to give me something.  Respect and trust cannot instantly be restored just by playing again.  Free tickets to games (LOL like they’d do that) and firing Bettman wouldn’t suffice.  I, Antonella, will need you to bring another team home, where they belong.  It’s the right thing to do and it’s entirely possible.


5 thoughts on “What will it take for you to forgive the NHL?

  1. I will gladly support your efforts to relocate the Coyotes to Quebec! And at the rate they’ve been going, I’m not sure Avalanche fans would mind them moving back.
    I don’t know what it will take for me to forgive the NHL. It seems like the fans are just a byproduct for them, not the gasoline that drives their engine.

  2. The NHL should definitely move a team back to Quebec. I wrote on my blog about the NHL trying to make the league financially viable is making the lockout drag on. If they had teams in markets that made money, maybe this wouldn’t have been such a problem!

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