A look at EHC Biel, because lockout 2012

14264_170825238866_4098522_nWe follow a ton of European hockey teams through social media now that the lockout is in full swing.  And believe me when I say it’s entertaining shit, as evidenced by some of our earlier posts.  Teams will post just about anything and fans are treating NHL players like gods.

One team that stands out to me is EHC Biel in National League A of Switzerland.  They have both Tyler Segiun and Patrick Kane on their roster (in addition to Marc Pouliot, formerly of the NHL).


Take a look at some crowd pictures.  It looks like a soccer game, right?  Seguin and Kane recently did an interview and said they’re still adjusting to the crowd.  Kane mentioned the drums being an issue and said it’s normal to play in front of a crowd of 20,000 people who aren’t making a sound *ahem* Air Canada Centre *ahem*.  Obviously getting fans in those seats in Europe can be an issue, but it looks like Biel has no issue there – it’s a damn party.


Despite Seguin (22G, 13A in 23GP) and Kane (6G, 11A in 11GP) lighting it up over there, the team sits in 9th overall.  Geneve-Servette HC, the team Logan Couture just left, is currently in first.

Here’s a video of Tyler Seguin’s 100 point game against Couture’s Geneva and it’s appropriately titled Tyler Seguin’s Show.  Seriously, watch it.

You know what’s a fun time waster?  And maybe this is the hockey deprivation talking, but I could spend an embarrassing amount of time on pages of Euro hockey teams.  Check out Biel’s player profiles.  Nifty Photoshopping skills at work here.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 8.25.29 AMScreen shot 2012-12-02 at 8.25.46 AM

Meanwhile, these kids seem to be having a blast as their bromance blossoms.

"Hey bro, you were so sick out there!" "Thanks bro, couldn't have done it without you."

“Hey bro, you were so sick out there!” “Thanks bro, couldn’t have done it without you.”

And for good measure, another Seguin show vs John Tavares’ SC Bern.  LOL fan comments on the YouTube page “fuck you Bettman” when I think, “PHIL KESSEL!”

Meanwhile, you’ll notice this TOP SCORER jersey.  Cute touch, you guys!  I’d back this in the NHL for sure.

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 9.16.46 AM

And there you have it, EHC Biel.  Looks like a ton of fun.  I wonder how the league and fans will adjust once the NHLers have to bail.


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