Come on everybody, we’re going streaking!

The London Knights are on a monster of a winning streak right now. 15-0-0?!?! In pushing it to 15 they also set a new OHL record for the longest Shootout. Every single player on the team got to shoot and then Seth Griffith scored his second of the shootout to end it all in the 19th round. Looks like Dale Hunter made the right choice in not sticking with the Caps. The Knights have been putting great teams on the ice for most of the last decade and it’s largely due to his leadership both on and off the ice.

I personally thought he was such a dirty player during his time in the NHL, remember this??

Dirty or not though he seems to be doing something right with the Knights. Let’s see if they can hold on for 10 more and set yet another OHL record.


2 thoughts on “Come on everybody, we’re going streaking!

  1. I was never a Dale Hunter fan, but I lost all chance of having any respect whatsoever for him when he was playing for Dallas. He jumped on Steve Yzerman while he was down on the ice and proceeded to slam Steve’s head into the ice several times. I don’t care how good someone is – if they pull crap like that, they don’t deserve to be part of the NHL. This hit on Turgeon surprises me only in that Dale didn’t attempt to injure him.

    • I think Dale the player and Dale the coach are just different guys. I just think that dirty players don’t necessarily translate to shitty people off the ice. Side note, what he has done for the Knights and the city of London is pretty amazing. And he’s making serious coin too. I would have liked to see him coach in the NHL for longer to be honest, but I can’t say I blame him from fleeing the NHL.

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