Lockout 2012

JUST DROP IT! are puttin’ on the tin foil

Here’s a fan protest I can back.

Fans with JUST DROP IT! know what’s up.  They pledge, and urge others to follow suit, that for every game taken after December 21, they will not watch that same number of games.  Not at the arena, the bar or at home on TV.  Nothing.  This also applies to buying NHL merchandise.  Get em where it counts, right?  Here’s their official mission statement:

The NHL and the players union have once again insulted the very people who pay their salaries. We the fans have the power to make them listen by taking the Just Drop It pledge. For every game they cancel after December 21st, we will boycott an equal number of games. They cancel 10, we boycott 10. No tickets, no TV, no merchandise. If you want to be heard go to our Facebook page. It’s important that you “Like” us. It’s our only way to measure our strength.
Make them JUST DROP IT!

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 2.31.08 PM

Personally, I’ve vowed to skip games at the arena (with the exception of the Winter Classic) and will refrain from buying any merchandise for an entire season.  For me, it’s my way of feeling like I have some control here.  They’re fighting over my money, well guess what, they’re not getting it.  Not for a while, anyway.

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 2.31.25 PM

I’ve kind of touched on this before, but the notion that people are going to boycott the NHL for the rest of their lives is some old school tomfoolery.  Sure, some fans in cold markets will be lost, no question, but in the end, most of us will come crawling back.  So those saying THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL are really just aching and will probably secretly journal about it, weep at night, and come game 1 after the lockout wraps, they’ll be there, at the game, $11 beer and $7 hotdog in hand.

It’s so easy to take a shit on what they’re doing, but no one’s making you buy in.  In the end, if you’re mad enough, you know the only way to actually show your displeasure is through money.  That’s what this fight is over.  This campaign isn’t going to end the lockout, and I don’t think this is the motivation behind the video, but maybe it sends a message?  And maybe it’ll translate into lost revenue?  Who knows?  None of us know how this mess is going to pan out, the only thing we do know if how we can respond to it.  For me, halting financial support is the only way that makes sense.  You have a better idea?  Let’s hear it.

Take the pledge if you see fit and like them on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I’m moving to California for obvious reasons.

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5 thoughts on “JUST DROP IT! are puttin’ on the tin foil

  1. Reblogged this on wingsdiva and commented:
    As a fan for more decades than I care to reveal or even think about, this most recent lockout has me stunningly disappointed in the NHL. Can we please go back to the 70’s or 80’s? The Wings sucked, but no one even dreamed of locking out the fans.

    • Success of the NHL has been a burden more than a blessing. It’s just business now, that’s it. The game felt pure growing up. I can personally pinpoint feeling that change when American TV had to introduce the dumb glowing puck for new “fans” claiming they couldn’t see it.

      There were practically riots over the scab refs in the NFL – imagine what would transpire if their fans went through what NHL fans have endured over during Bettmans’ tenure? They seem to manage their success well (yes, they had a lockout, but 0 games have been missed) so why can’t the league and the PA? As time progresses, the greed is hard to excuse.

      • I try so very hard to forget the embarrassment that was the glowing puck. The pandering to the uninitiated has been pitiful. I have apologized to every Canadian I know for what the US has done to the sport. If only the powers that be felt the same.
        I think part of the problem is that hockey doesn’t have anywhere near the pull of the NFL or NBL. The recent increase in revenue has left the owners drunk on money and potential power and hockey fans as a whole are too passionate to strike. Maybe this travesty will encourage them. I have plenty of games on DVD and a good college team to patronize.
        I also apologize for the comments – I thought they would post solely on my re-blog; didn’t mean to mess up your page.

  2. I’ve also started FanAid; I choose random days to go into a business close to Joe Louis Arena and choose a random worker and hand them whatever cash I’ve managed to scrounge up. The bartenders, waitresses, etc. that make the majority of their money during the season are not only missing out on hockey, they’re struggling harder than usual to pay their bills because of this. Please try to patronize businesses in your area that you would normally only visit during the season.

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