Lockout 2012

Bits and bytes: the week that crushed us


What a week for hockey fans.

the National Hockey League tied a big ole bow around a piece of turd on Friday by filing a class-action complaint against the NHLPA asking for the courts to make a declaration on the legality of the lockout.  This of course is the NHL beating the PA to court as it was believed they would decertify soon.  I’m a big lover of the law, but this is about where I’m just checking out.  Tyler Dellow elaborates on the issue and why there may be a mole amongst the PA.  It’s a great read that breaks down some oddities in the complaint.  He also attached a PDF of the complaint if that interests you.  In it you’ll notice Sidney Crosby’s name was left out because he’s had absolutely no participation in negotiations nor has he given any interviews regarding the lockout.  Wait, what?  Yeah, cool move NHL.  Alex Auld was one of the players named in the complaint, weird because…


Meanwhile, the NHLPA will hold a vote today to decide if they will dissolve and file a Disclaimer of Interest.  According to the Ottawa Sun, the NHL may cancel all player contracts.

“The NHL requests a declaration that, if the NHLPA’s decertification or disclaimer were not deemed invalid by the NLRB, and the collective bargaining relationship between the parties were not otherwise to continue, all existing contracts between NHL players and NHL teams (known as Standard Player’s Contracts or “SPCs”) would be void and unenforceable,” wrote the league.

What a pickle for the players, eh?  As for the rest of us horrified spectators, let’s just sit back and watch this play out.  And maybe think about other hockey that’s actually being played…

Alex Ovechkin and Leo Komarov of first place Dynamo Moscow

Alex Ovechkin (now temp captain) and Leo Komarov of first place Dynamo Moscow

TSN will confirm the season is over when they officially ink a deal to air two KHL games a week.  It was rumoured throughout Twitter that the Canadian sports network was looking to broadcast games even if the lockout ends.  Russian news outlet Ria Novosti were reported to, well, report it, but I haven’t been able to find the article that makes the claim.

Nonetheless, if this deal is made prior to the NHL calling it quits on the season, it sends a clear message to the fans.  And for the record, it’s a dick move of them to wait this long to air the games anyway.  The fan base is here, waiting.  Whenever you guys are ready to take the plunge we’re down for some KHL action.

Team Canada World Junior

Hockey fans were up in arms this week when the Team Canada cuts were made and players had to face the media just minutes after getting the crushing news.  One by one over the course of two days cuts were announced and weepy, bruised and disappointed boys were forced to talk to members of the media.  Most fans did not approve of this, and neither did I.  I’m perfectly fine with a list of cuts after the world junior team is announced.  I could really do without seeing poor Matthew Dumba attempt to spit out a few sentences without tears streaming down his face.  It’s just awkward more than anything.

There were a couple of surprises this year such as cutting Frank Corrado, who played well throughout the camp.  Corrado was the only player to notch multiple goals amongst the hopefuls.  Like the other cuts, the Vancouver prospect immediately thanked his supporters and wished the boys well in Ufa, Russia.  Anyway, Canada’s junior squad looks stacked and we’re excited to watch.  Will bars be open for the 4 am puck drops?  Serious questions.

London Knights

Here’s some good news – the London Knights have won 20 consecutive games.  Beyond unreal.  Today they face the Kingston Frontenacs and will go for #21 despite the loss of their captain, dman Scott Harrington to the Canadian junior team.  Harrington was recently named assistant captain for the junior squad, so good on him and good on the Knights.

Liev Schreiber as Ross Rhea in Goon

Liev Schreiber as Ross Rhea in Goon

Meanwhile, someone who may or may not be Liev Schreiber (the guy who voices HBO 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic) is on Twitter.  He instantly gained the love of all hockey fans because of his handle: @rossrhea1 (the character he played in Goon aka the best comedy and sports film of the year).  As far as professional actors go, they’re big fans of THE, REAL and ONLY before their real names as their handle.  Barf, right?  Not this guy, if in fact it is Schreiber – because until I see a check mark, I’m going to be throwing a bit of shade to his Tweets.  Although he signed up on December 2, Jay Baruchel introduced all of us to him this past week and we wondered how Twitter has managed without him for this long.

Liev on Twitter

Then there was this.  Bryzy being Bryzy.


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