Lockout 2012


SIGN, SEALED & DELIVERED. Puck drops January 19.  As Leonard Cohen and just about every other musician would say, hallelujah.


The NHL did a nice job trying to romanticize the sport after killing it with negotiations, shenanigans, and a claim.  Follow the link to check out the NHL #hockeyisback commercial.  I have no idea why I can’t embed, but I’ll chalk it up to being sick.  Also, the NHL needs to get rid of their video player.  Here, here?

Meanwhile here’s the original hockey is back commercial.  Let’s hope we don’t see more of these.


2 thoughts on “#hockeyisback

  1. Real effort from the NHL to show the traditions of Ice Hockey. The opening scene isn’t something you will see too often in places like Florida or Arizona. If teams weren’t losing money there then maybe the NHL wouldn’t be trying to apologise for a lockout!

    • touche. those areas aren’t exactly steeped in tradition but if you look at the US junior teams, there’s definitely a growing interest. It’s a shame though those kids never get to play pond hockey.

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