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A “celly” to remember

Yakupov-celebration-Jan_24_13By now you’ve seen Nail Yakupov’s goal celebration from last night’s game against the defending Stanley Cup champs.  And if you haven’t then I’m not sure why you’re here because you either a) live in a bomb shelter (say hi to Tim Thomas) or b) don’t even care about hockey (hi Tim Thomas!).

The Oilers were facing their second loss at home when with seconds left, Yak makes it even stevens.  And then he celebrated like it was 1999. Or the playoffs.  Or the playoffs IN 1999.  Man, those were the days.

The fans also celebrated. Like good fans would after watching their team tank year after year (take note Leafs fans, your turn will come and you better learn how to make noise above those whispers you make at the ACC when ordering sushi to your platinum seats).



high-fiving bros because that's what you do, you high five when you're stoked and if you don't, you're doing it wrong.

high-fiving bros because that’s what you do, you high five when you’re stoked and if you don’t, you’re doing it wrong.


So everyone went wild, not just Nail.  And today everyone got all pissy about his celly.  And then they got double pissy about the word celly.  Does any of it even matter?  Are you guys even comprehending what this team is going to be like for the next five seasons?  Everyone else just pack it in, Edmonton’s got this on lock.


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