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Yakupov can’t do anything right, unless you count score goals

Nail Yakupov scored the OT winner last night against the Phoenix Coyotes and naturally, celebrated. But it wasn’t an IN YO FACE type of celebration, it was a hey ya, cool guys, come here, we won the game kind of celebration.  It was almost a non-celebration because it was so casual. Here’s a breakdown of what went down after his game winner.

Nail scores the OT winner

Nail scores the OT winner! Awesome.  His fourth goal of the season

And Nail all is like "HEY GUYS, COME AT ME, BRO!" to his teammates.

And Nail is like “HEY GUYS, WE WON! COME AT ME, BRO!” to his teammates.

And then they join him! and it's a celebration for all...until...

And then they joined him! For a second, at least, until…


Derek Morris came along.  And he “is old school” apparently, and did not like Yakupov’s minor celebration, which really, wasn’t much more than some half hockey hugs.


Yakupov, noticing a Coyote wants in on the action, is all “You can come at me too, I guess…”


But Morris doesn’t want a hockey hug and he definitely doesn’t give a shit if you scored and won the game. Acting happy after a win? According to this tough guy it’s NOT OK!  OK! Good to know, everyone act bummed after winning a game or risk getting punched.

“Hahahahaha nah, fuck that. WE WON!”


The Oilers celebrate again, at centre ice, because that’s what you do, you celebrate a win.

So what did we learn?  Nail Yakupov can score clutch goals and Derek Morris is an assole.  Can everyone lay off Yakupov and the Oilers crew for a hot second and let them enjoy their wins?  There have been so few of those in Edmonton for years and more than anything, the fans deserve to see this kind of enthusiasm.  Stop confusing their excitement for arrogance.  I absolutely adore what I’m seeing here and they make me want to tune in game after game.  I’m drinking their Kool-Aid, why isn’t everyone?


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