Hockey Day in Canada / Winners & losers

Winners & losers of Hockey Day in Canada

Ron in Peterborough

CBC celebrated Hockey Day in Canada in Peterborough, Ontario, home of the Peterborough Petes and a plethora of mullets.

Kicking off at noon, CBC rolled out a ton of stories throughout their 13 hours of coverage, including one about a backyard rink. which featured a kid in an Oilers jersey doing his best Nail Yakupov impersonation at :53 seconds in.

Kid doing the Yakupov.  Full celebration at 53 seconds.

Kids can Yakupov!

The Oilers played at 2 pm against the Wings in…Hockeytown? Ok, sure, Detroit doesn’t resemble Canada in any way, but hey why not?? John will have his report on the game he attended…eventually.

CBC did an excellent job at merging social media with their tv broadcast

Well done, folks, pat on the back!

cbc-socialmediaJets defeat Sens


Sens doing justice to the silly little 0

Meanwhile, the Winnipeg Jets and the Ottawa Senators win the medal of most boring game of hockey day. The single highlight goes to Alexei Ponikarovsky scoring off a Kyle Wellwood shot. What makes this a highlight? Well, despite the Leafs being nowhere near Kenata, ON, the crowd chanted “Leafs suck” earlier in the game and it was two Leafs alum who won the game for the visitors. That one goal was enough for the Jets to win the game over the fading zero’s.

“And then Kadri came in and hurt the Canadian player”

Just a monster hit from Kadri who is here to stay

Just a monster hit from Kadri who is here to stay

Then came the game of all games on this Hockey Day in Canada. And not just because old rivals faced each other at the Bell Centre. No, this was like an early 90s tilt that reduced the Habs to a bunch of whiners, and Bob Cole’s call on Nazem Kadri’s monster hit on Emelin kind of sums it all up.

McLaren and Gorges fight


The Buds were all over Montreal the second they came within a foot of Reims. They never did even the score after Giontas’ hit sidelined James Reimer for most of last season, so this was finally their time to show the young netminder that they had his back. Things started to fall off the rails after Toronto scored the third goal of the night and then it was all hits, scrums and more goals. And not a single fight was staged or came without being warranted. Hockey at both its finest and worst.

habs get spanked

And then the Belarusian beast was awakened. Mikhail Grabovski has a boiling point and Brandon Prust got him to the point that he went pineapple on Patches. It’s amazing to me that Max Pacioretty thought you could just cut off oxygen to another person and have them take it. Sure, biting has no place in hockey, but neither does a move like that. In my opinion Grabbo shouldn’t be suspended because 1) it can’t be proven and 2) Pacioretty shoved his arm in his mouth. So like everyone just like take a fiver, sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done and don’t do it again, k? Ok, cool.

Bob Cole called the now infamous game. While he’s a national treasure, he sure is declining in every way possible. Nonetheless, the game would not have been what it was for Leafs fans had they endured the snark of Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson. CBC is going to make sure he dies on his little commentator desk but VIVA FOREVER, BOB COLE!

Flames fall to Canucks, because obviously


A moment he won’t soon forget.

I literally felt like I could eat glass after the Habs-Leafs game and watching the Canucks take on the Flames just wasn’t in the cards for more than a period. Here’s what you need to know – the Flames played like the Flames and lost 5-1 to the Canucks. Jordan Schroeder potted his first career NHL goal, so good for him and good for the Canucks.

Meanwhile, everyone mark February 27 on your calendars; it’s going to be a goodie.


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