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The curious case of Phil Kessel on Twitter

Twitter Kessel

A decent following for a guy who went silent for months.

Some people love Twitter. They love it too much. Others flat out reject it. Then there are the stragglers in between. You know the types; they post a tweet here and there and when they do, their use of exclamation marks is questionable. But we accept these users because they’re usually good friends or our parents who are completely incapable of staying attuned to the fast-paced world of digital media. And sometimes, these people are high-profile figures who think they should be on Twitter but don’t really understand why. Phil Kessel, do you read me?

In October 2012 @PKessel81 stunned hockey fans when he sent out his first message to the Twitterverse.

Kessel first tweet

I can almost see the MLSE PR person hanging over his shoulder on this one, but who cares, it was delightful.

And then, Kessel got all athlete on us. I like food, food is good! You like food?




Poor, poor Gustavsson – after all, he’ll straight up be out of an NHL gig in a few months

Maybe someone tell him about Yelp.

And then…something horrible happened. The Leafs stopped winning games. It was ugly and without a doubt overwhelming for players on Twitter. So it was radio silence starting in January of 2012. In fact, people RT’d his New Year message throughout his hiatus at random points as a little reminder of what once was.


BUT THEN HE CAME BACK! NO HA HA JK, JK. The MLSE PR team struck again! But it gave followers hope, you see?


But then months passed without a tweet.

The lockout came and went without so much as a peep.

And so did the first couple of months of the NHL season.  Was he gone forever?  And if so, why didn’t he just suspend his account? What…did we do?

And suddenly, fast forward to RIGHT NOW. The Leafs started winning games. And guess what happens next in this story. GUESS!


That’s right you guys, Phil came back after a 3-0 win against the Ottawa Senators. His buddy Tyler Bozak had notched his fifth goal of the season and that was it, he came back into our online lives. And judging by the responses, it was a well-received move by his teammates.

And if there’s anything that he’s shown us this time around it’s that he learned how to use the tool during his Twittercation. (Photo skills TBD).

phil kessel tweet bozak

We also learned that the guys call him Philly Cheese, and please oh god please let’s only refer to him as this from now on, OK?

Philly Cheese

So there it is – when things are going well, the boy will tweet. Philly Cheese, I’m stoked you figured this Twitter thing out but this time maybe don’t abandon ship if you guys start tanking again. Haters gonna hate, you know?


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