Why you Staal’n? Wear a visor

Wear a visor.

Wear a visor.

It’s 2013, right? Cool, because I had this weird vision of a miffed Manny Malhotra after being told his team, the Vancouver Canucks, placed him on IR because of his eyesight. Which is strange since he was hit with a puck to the eye in March 2011. Are they trying to tell us that damage to your eye is sometimes… irreparable?

Wear a visor.

And yet, and yet, it is 2013, and there are still many, many players who scoff at the idea of wearing a visor. For some, it takes a nasty injury or close call to get them to make the switch (Darryl Boyce, I’m looking at you, but I’m trying really hard not to).

Wear a visor.

Last night, New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal took a redirected Kimmo Timonen shot to the eye/orbital bone area.  And then he squirmed around on the ice because you know, pucks to the face hurt. He did not return to the game.

Watching a man squirm on the ice sucks. Wear a visor.



The good news from this scary moment? Ok, I got you. Staal didn’t have to take a trip to the hospital. But with his concussion history, the outcome looks murky.

In October 2011, the NHLPA found that less than 70% of its players wear a visor. The numbers are always up, but at what point do they implement a mandatory visor rule? How many injuries need to actually be sustained before the PA makes a move in the right direction? I get that we’re talking about grown men here, but sometimes people don’t make the wisest decisions for themselves, as evidenced by any injury that could have been avoided with the use of a visor.

Y’all aren’t Zdeno Chara; pucks and sticks can actually reach your face. Wear a visor.


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