Hockey in Merica

Yesterday was a good day for hockey


The day began with the LA Kings trip to the White House to honour their championship. Unlike last year, everyone was not only thrilled to be there but also accounted for.

Prior to the big festivities, Dustin Penner decided to take a shot at Timmy Thomas, who is currently hiding in a bunker in nowhere Vermont with his family who wishes he’d just get out of the house for a bit.

Dustin Penner 1

Dustin Penner Twitter 2

This Penner guy is kind of funny, eh?

The men suited up to meet the President and of course looked sharp…well, almost all of them.

Barack Obama, Landon Donovan

It’s nice to see that Drew Doughty cleaned up for the occasion. Good work, good job!


photo (1)
Also in attendance was the LA Galaxy who play for some lower level league we’re supposed to care about but don’t. They neglected to bring their trophy because it’s no Stanley Cup. If they did, I didn’t spot it because IT’S NO STANLEY CUP.

photo copy

Tyler Toffoli tweeted this pic so it seems that they let just about anyone into this shindig even if they had no part of the Cup win. Meanwhile, insert another Tim Thomas joke here.

The guys apparently stuck around to hang ten with the first lady and participate in her Let’s Move initiative, which will be great for all those American kids who will google the Kings and discover that a diet of pancakes can in fact be detrimental to your health.

He did it for 'Merica!

He did it for ‘Merica!

Later that night there was hockey to be played. And while Chicago doesn’t exactly need more publicity, Mr. T showed up to “pity the puck” but also show America that the sport is so easy that anyone can score from centre ice.  He didn’t practice ahead of time because he’s an “in the moment type of guy.”  Basically Mr. T is just as cool as you remembered.

It took a couple tries, but does that even matter?  I sure as hell can’t do this (although if the Toronto Maple Leafs would like to let me try [not that they do this sort of thing] I would be pretty stoked).


If this doesn’t make it on ESPN then I don’t know what will. Think of all the surprised US sports fans who will not only get to see this great gem but simultaneously discover that the NHL lockout is in fact over. It’s a win/win.

Yes, it was a good day for hockey in America.


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