2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Feelings: 2013 Leafs playoff run


The Toronto Maple Leafs qualified for the post-season. Many didn’t think they could. Then they faced Stanley Cup-winning team the Boston Bruins and they pushed the series to seven. Even less people anticipated that.

As we’re all aware, they ultimately lost in Game 7 OT, the most heartbreaking way to be ousted from the playoffs. A sweep is embarrassing but a Game 7 OT loss is devastating. And so today is a little more cloudy, my heart a little more heavy.

“I have nothing! Nothing! Nothing! If I don’t have you.”

Well, that’s not entirely true, but when the Leafs aren’t playing there’s definitely less spring in my step. Today though, I feel defeated. I could sit here and tell you about how proud I am of the team’s ability to go down swinging because of the the elevated play of members of the team like Mikhail “hit me with your best shot” Grabovski, Jake Gardiner (once freed) and Phil “Leafs won the trade” Kessel. The thing is, I just can’t right now.

It was the best of times...

It was the best of times…

The Leafs blew a three goal lead in the final period of the series, something no other team has done in the history of the NHL playoffs. A win was within reach and before panic could truly set in, it was over. In fact I was already making plans for the second round while visualizing them kicking the Rangers ass en route to the Conference Finals – a place they haven’t been since 2002.

When it happened, I sat motionless, sprawled out on my friends couch, face covered by a blanket. And I sat there for a while, barely able to articulate the heartbreak.

I feel so many feelings that are new and weird because I’d forgotten what a post-season loss felt like.

...it was the worst of times.

…it was the worst of times.

I’m Antonella and I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and I’ll be back next year, heart healed and demanding Randy “do timeouts carry over to next year?” Carlyle gets fired.




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