About Us

John and Antonella may have grown up fans of different teams, but their love of the game is number one.  They write about ALL THE TEAMS, both great and dreadful, and while you may disagree with what they have to say, you should know they probably disagree with each other.

John currently works a super boring desk job that allows him to do whatever he wants during the days and still collect a pay cheque. Hockey has always been a passion for him. He really should be playing in the league but he decided to join a band instead and that pretty much squashed that dream. It was definitely the only reason he didn’t make it. He aspires to become a video goal judge. Is that even possible? Twitter: @johnnmack

Antonella is an entertainment news television producer. She hopes to be a digital producer for the league or a team or a sports-related site one day. She’ll defend Russians until she turns blue, or until you walk away. Whichever comes first. Twitter: @antogold

Feel free to email us at attackingzone@gmail.com.  Don’t be a stranger.

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