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The hockey gods hate Sidney Crosby, or something

Second time's not a charm

Second time’s not a charm

What’s up with the hockey gods and just what wrong are they trying to right? As you know by now, Sidney Crosby was hit with a puck in the face, again.  This is the second time this season, with both incidents occurring against the New York Islanders, the Kid has been injured during a similar play. I wrote about the incident from February, where he came out unscathed after meeting a Letang slap shot. This time however, he was not so lucky.

Crosby can't catch a break but he can catch a slap shot...with his face.

Crosby can’t catch a break but he can catch a slap shot…with his face.

It has since been revealed that Crosby underwent jaw surgery on Saturday night, which resulted in wild speculations from “we can expect to see him back during the playoffs in a full cage” to “maybe he’ll be good to go…next season”.  So which is it? Well don’t look here for answers, I’m not a doctor. What am I however is a big time fan of conspiracies and karma and astrology and everything else that’s equally unfounded. So, it’s in my expert insane opinion that the hockey gods wanted Crosby out this season and Letang failed to deliver on their wishes the first time around.

"shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shiiiiiit shit."

“shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shiiiiiit shit.”

And what about Jarome Iginla? You know the deal – aging star finally gets dealt from the disastrous Calgary Flames so he can play along side the leagues two best and brightest. Only now, best and brightest #1 is out indefinitely after playing a period of hockey together on the same team.  Are the hockey gods equally mad at Iginla for kiboshing the original trade in place with the Boston Bruins? Well friends, we may never know. What we do know is Crosby is in a world of discomfort right now and once again, a great season of his has been derailed.

Luckily Crosby hasn’t been diagnosed with a concussion, but the Pens are probably due for another concussion since Evgeni Malkin rejoined the team after missing nine games with one.


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