Trade Deadline Day

NHL trade deadline day sucks

BREAKING NEWS: Trade deadline day sucks. Just kidding, it’s not breaking news, because you knew this already.

Every year big trades happen prior to the deadline and this year was no different. So you know TSN and Sportsnet threw on what seems like 100 “insiders”, “writers” and personalities to help pass the time.  It’s the most drawn out day of the year in the hockey world and Canada is the only place where you can see this kind of dedication to the analysis of a trade involving draft picks playing NCAA hockey.

Tradecentre has been HOURS OF THIS:

Tradecentre sucks

So basically a bunch of fart noises.

The fact that people like me are watching this train wreck unfold just speaks volumes about how we can’t get enough of hockey. At least I’m streaming online while working. What about all those poor souls watching in the comfort of their own home – what are their excuses?

Who's the egghead who keeps putting this troll on TV?

Who’s the egghead who keeps putting this troll on TV?

Enough of this. Let’s end trade deadline madness once and for all. Because if you’re putting Steve Simmons or Damien Cox on television, you’re really just grasping at straws.

In addition to a lot of fart noises came a lot of looking at these guys try and beat each other to the FIRST TWEET!

Old fingers move fast

Old fingers move fast

Edit: So a bunch of trades actually happened, you know, except the one that was supposed to go down. So maybe next year it can kick off at 2 pm on TSN and Sportsnet? Just a thought. Think of the budget savings!


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