2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Toronto Maple Leafs will face Boston Bruins, Rachel McAdams to face tough decision

Where does your loyalty lie, Rachel?

Rachel McAdams: Probably a Toronto Maple Leafs fan

Picture this, it was 2011 and the Boston Bruins had steamrolled their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. The big, bad Bruins faced the Vancouver Canucks, and actress and super-cutie Rachel McAdams hit Beantown with her family to support the Canadian team. No, they were there for the Bruins, and Canadians all over gasped!

The McAdams were self-professed huge fans of Bobby Orr and therefore came out to cheer for the boys in black and gold.  The other McAdams ladies showed up in Bruins tees while the actress went the more democratic route and wore a finals hat and tee. Hrmmmmm…

And then she wiggled her way into our hearts and Canada forgave her!

And here we are, in 2013. The Toronto Maple Leafs face the Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs. This is Toronto’s first post-season appearance in nine years, and so that leaves me to wonder who Southern Ontario-born and current Toronto resident Rachel McAdams will be cheering for.

Please note the following:

1. You can be a Bobby Orr fan and still be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Number 4 is and was the best.

2. You can cheer for the Bruins when the Leafs aren’t in the playoffs (not my cup) and still be a true Leafs fan, through and through. I swear, you guys.

3. McAdams didn’t show up in a jersey or other apparel of the Boston Bruins, like the rest of her family.

4. She appears to be sane.

I think all signs point to Rachel McAdams being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who just wanted SOMETHING to cheer for in 2011. RIGHT?

Rachel McAdams, darling, if you’re out there, we hope to see you wiggle dance at the ACC like a good Toronto girl should do.


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